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Content Marketing and Paid Media
Many people think content marketing and paid marketing are mutually exclusive.  They often feel if I am running paid traffic on platforms like Facebook, why do I need to be creating content. In this episode we talk about the benefit of investing the time in content on top of funnels and paid media to get the best results from your paid traffic campaigns.
Facebook Attribution – Amazing New Feature In Business Manager
A new Facebook attribution reporting feature has been added in your Business Manager account.  Google Analytics, has been our go-to[...]
Essential KPI Metrics You Need To Watch
KPI Metrics are the key to tracking the performance of your marketing campaigns.  A lot of businesses are collecting data,[...]

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About the Author

Kevin has been responsible for driving traffic for some of the biggest launches in the coaching niche and helping turn those launches into evergreen funnels.

You may recognize some of his clients such as; Wealth Through Workshops with Callan Rush, Christian Mickelsen, The Foundation with Dane Maxwell and Andy Drish, Frank Kern, Get Altitude with Eben Pagan, Ronnie Nijmeh from

Besides the coaching audience, Kevin has also worked with other niches should as Triathlon Trainers and Ryan Moody's fishing courses in Australia.

Kevin brings not only paid traffic expertise to his clients, but expertise in analytics and tracking as well.

Kevin has worked closely with the premier photography training site refining their Google Analytics eCommerce tracking.

Kevin is also a Google Analytics instructor for Imparture.

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