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Confused about Store Payments and Loyalty Programs? Kevin and Spencer are going to unpack how we can incorporate these programs into our businesses and why it’s profitable. So, stay tuned! Highlights Incorporating programs into our businesses What are loyalty programs The biggest thing with groceries stores now Making price comparisons The privacy side Techniques for

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Store Payments and Loyalty Programs

Kevin and Spencer talk about product search and exactly what that means for you as an advertiser, also why focusing on commerce is a good strategy, and how you can do that. Enjoy! Highlights Starting to focus on commerce Amazon as a product search Running content to build an audience Search marketers struggling with Facebook

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Product Search

In a previous podcast, Kevin and Spencer shared their insights about setting a brand-new E-Commerce store, in today’s episode, they will dive into optimizing the E-Commerce store and how you can do that. Enjoy this episode! Highlights Having an E-Commerce store The navigation process The importance of collections and promotions Offering discounts How to treat

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How To Optimize Your E-Commerce Store