How To Improve Your Facebook Remarketing With Google Tag Manager

By Kevin Davis | Blog

In this video, we walk through the process of delaying the Facebook Pixel from firing in order to retarget people who visit the website based on how long they spend on a page.

We use this to improve the quality of our retargeting by not retargeting everyone that hits the page, but only those that spend at least 5 seconds or 15 seconds on a page.

This is also extremely useful for longer video pages or evergreen webinars.  In this case, you could delay the pixel based on how long the video is to retarget people who watched at least 25% or 50% of the video so you know they are interested in the content and possibly interested in learning more about the topic or buying one of your products.

To do this, we used the built-in functionality for timers within Google Tag Manager.

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