Using Storytelling In Your Marketing with Jules Dan

By Kevin Davis | Copywriting

Kevin speaks with Jules Dan from Australia on how to best leverage storytelling in your marketing. Have you ever heard a great story and felt, “Wow! I’m inspired and ready to take action!”….But then your time to shine in front of your audience comes and you lose their interest. Why is that? Today, you’ll learn how to start crafting stories that make doing business with you a no-brainer, while feeling emotionally connected to your tribe.


  • Jules’ expertise – 1:03
  • Jules’ methodology when he works with clients – 3:28
  • Understanding who you are writing to – 4:37
  • The four steps for a better marketing strategy – 5:47
  • Creating a relationship with people – 6:57
  • It is all about body language – 10:26
  • The power of phrasing and body language – 14:29
  • Using Jules’ principles – 18:29
  • How do you sell with a story? – 24:00

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