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Spencer and Kevin talk about how to survive the recession and actually come out better than your business was before by continuing to market throughout the downturn, and how to accelerate your recovery to bypass your competition. Highlights Talking about a blog post from socialbakers.com about marketing in a recession Are we in a very

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Marketing in a Recession

In this episode, Spencer and Kevin talk about how to adapt your business to the pandemic and why now is the best time to be investing in your marketing strategy. Highlights Why now is the best time to market your business The coronavirus today How to market and communicate with your audience at this time

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Marketing Your Business: Why Now is the Best Time…

Spencer and Kevin talk about what online and local businesses can do to change their business models to survive the quarantine period. Stay tuned to listen to their insights! Highlights What you can do as a small business owner Zoom as a tool Everybody in quarantine now Small businesses working only by delivery service Making

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How Businesses Can Evolve and Survive the Novel Coronavirus Quarantine