March 11


Taboola Campaigns Day 4 – Improving our performance tracking

By Kevin Davis

March 11, 2020

analytics tracking, bounce rate, Google Analytics, google event tracking, google tag manager, native advertising, taboola, webpage abandonment

Spencer and Kevin talk about the issues that come up in Google Analytics, not only tracking Taboola, but any traffic where the visitor doesn’t go beyond the landing page. With the latest changes, we are not able to track the time spent on the page and how far they scrolled to better understand engagement from content visits by site the ads are placed on in Taboola. Be sure to stay tuned until the end and listen to their insights about this topic!


  • Quora Ads
  • Traffic source
  • Implementing new strategies at Paid Traffic Lab
  • Utilizing Google Analytics
  • Facebook ads and Google ads
  • Explaining all about Taboola
  • Advertising approaches 
  • Creating audiences on Facebook
  • Most successful campaigns

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