June 13


Boosted Posts And When To Use Them In Your Marketing Strategy

By Kevin Davis

June 13, 2019

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If you’re not boosting posts in your marketing strategy you’re missing out! Too many marketers think that boosted posts are too basic and it’s just throwing away money. Listen to the episode to hear why Kevin disagrees and how to form a strategy to create a win/win to build your audiences and increase your ROAS (return on ad spend).

Why use boosted posts?

If you are already investing in organic social posts on your Facebook page, it may be beneficial to boost posts. Facebook pages that have an engaged audience may have a lot of organic engagement on their posts. By reviewing posts to find the most engagement and boosting to amplify you can find more reach than an ad.

This is best when the goal is engagement. The benefits expand when the is a video including Facebook Live videos after the broadcast.

Can Facebook Live videos be used as boosted posts?

You can boost Facebook Live broadcasts, but not until they are complete. If there was some sort of call to action or link given in the Live, the description can also be updated with the link.

Integrating the post with ManyChat is also a great way to grow your list through boosted posts. Using the Comment Growth Tool, anyone who comments with a keyword will add them to ManyChat. You can then automatically deliver more information through Facebook Messenger.

Boosted post targeting options

Many people believe they can only target fans. In order to improve your targeting Facebook provides Saved Audiences. Basically, saved audiences support the same targeting options available in Ads Manager.

Saved audiences allow you to narrow your targeting by interests, custom audiences, demographics, and connections just like regular ads. You can set up your saved audience through Business Manager under the Audience menu. Saved audiences can also save you time when building campaigns in ad manager.

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