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Kevin is a marketing consultant specializing in paid traffic on networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google AdWords. When he is not in front of a computer screen, he enjoys cooking on his Big Green Egg, or trying to grow vegetables.

How To Prevent Audience Overlap With Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

By Kevin Davis | Podcast , Facebook Advertising

Audience Overlap

Quick Navigation What is Audience Overlap?When does overlap no longer matter?Split testing creatives to the same audienceCampaign Budget OptimizationAn alternative philosophy…     In this episode, we are exploring the idea of audience overlap and how it may impact your Facebook ad campaigns.   Preventing ad fatigue is something all advertisers should be aware of. However, the methodology […]

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Welcome to The Paid Traffic Lab Podcast

By Kevin Davis | Podcast

Podcast Episode 1

Each week we share the latest news and information in the world of paid media. Whether you are startup, established business or a consultant/expert you will discover ways to grow your business through paid advertising and stay on top of the constant changes happening as the platforms evolve. Paid Advertising is the fastest way to […]

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